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The Mission

The mission at Huntspot.com is to become the leading website for finding your next hunting opportunity. If you need a deer hunting lease in Texas, a guided duck hunting trip in Arkansas, a non-guided day trip to elk hunt in Colorado, or desire to purchase prime bear hunting property in the Northwest Territories, we want to be your resource.

How can we reach our mission?

By striving to provide to lowest cost, easiest to use, and most informative listing of hunting opportunities on the web. We always welcome comments about our website and how we can improve it because we know that addressing your concerns helps us provide everyone with a better hunting resource.

Finding a hunting lease, property, club, guided trip, or day hunt

To search through the current list of hunting opportunities that have been posted, just click on the Hunting Spots link at the upper left corner of this page. The table shown is a list of all of the current entries that have been posted. To sort the table, just click on the heading that you are interested in (for instance, if interested in deer hunting, click Primary Game to sort the table and scroll down to entries noting deer as the primary game type). You can view additional information about each entry by clicking on individual titles.

Posting information about your hunting land

To post your hunting land or hunting opportunity, just sign up for a free username. After logging in, you can create a listing by filling out a form and posting it. There are no costs for creating or viewing the listings. If you have problems posting an ad, please send me an email and I will be happy to help.

Recent News

Picture Problems

The site is currently having some problems with photos. I have not figured out what exactly is going wrong yet, but I will continue working on it. I hope to have the problem resolved during the next week. You should be able to continue adding content to all of the areas of the site (with a free membership), but you will probably experience some problems with your pictures. I apologize and thank you for your patience.

Want a Hunting Spot? Post a Want Ad For Free.

Are you looking for a place to go hunting but have not seen the spot you are looking for? I have now included a want-ad section on the site. All of the posted want-ads will show up by clicking the "Huntspot Wanted" link at the upper-left of any page. To post a want-ad, sign up for a free account, log in, then go to "Create Content." You will then see a list of the available types of content you can create on Huntspot.com. Click on "Want Ad", submit a short form, and then your hunting spot want-ad will show up for all of the other visitors to the site.

Huntspot Has a Twitter Account

Huntspot now has a twitter account. If you would like to follow us, you can find us with the username "Huntspot". The account will automatically post a new tweet when anyone posts content to the site.

Where was Huntspot.com?

For those of you who have been here before, you know that Huntspot.com was the place to find your hunting property, lease, club, or guide. This site has been "off the net" for an extended period of time. I now hope I can develop a site that fulfills the original intent I had when creating Huntspot.com the first time.

Huntspot.com has been recreated!

Huntspot.com is now a functioning site, although many improvements are yet to be made. In the coming months, I hope to provide a much more extensive functionality. The site does not currently have a section to post your want ads, but I hope that I will be able to get the usability back to where it was years ago. Until then, please feel free to post in the forums. Thanks! Without the comments I have received from past users of the site, I may have never found the impetus to recreate the site to it's original intent.

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